Legionella Risk Assessment

Carrying out a legionella risk assessment is the first step in any water hygiene programme and is what our team are experts in. An assessment looks to find out where there is a risk of Legionella bacteria in your water systems and whether this is likely to expose your team, or family, to the disease. Companies are required by law to involve professional experts in assessing their water safety. We can help you to tick that box, and make sure you are complying with the Health and Safety Commission Approved Code of Practice L8 ACOP. If you are the responsible person in your business, having this support is not only invaluable but can make sure you don’t break the law.

Our legionella risk assessment includes a survey of your workplace/site and water systems and reporting, which covers:

  • Our findings
  • Assessment of risk
  • Recommendations for change
  • How we can help

We look at where you are at risk, how big the risk is and the likely impact. To do this we take water samples and photographs and prepare a system schematic. We look at cleanliness and how you maintain your system and provide a professional report that you can use as your hygiene record.

Our recommendations may include putting in place precautions and changing systems for water safety purposes. Our 24/7 online portal runs 365 days a year to help you follow these recommendations and stay up to date with changes in regulations.

After the legionella risk assessment is complete, you can contact us at any time to discuss how best to remedy the issues we’ve found. Alternatively, rather than have a one-off report, we can provide ongoing monitoring.

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